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Instructions for visitors of Longgang Scenic Spot

I.Whilst the preferential policy of second visit in two days is not implemented, Longgang Scenic Spot only admits visitors by ticket once. Second entrance after going out the gate (south gate or north gate) is subject to additional ticket buying and check-in.

II. Visitors with bus ticket shall have tickets checked and take a bus to enter the park from tourist distribution center or bus station of Longgang Tourist Center. Other visitors shall have tickets checked and enter the park with entrance ticket from the north gate or south gate;

III. Visitors shall keep entrance ticket, bus ticket and boat ticket properly, consciously accept such work as ticket checking and inspection by the staff; all visitors found to have no ticket in the scenic spot are subject to punishment;

IV. Entrance ticket of the scenic spot covers open areas including Cloudy Lounge Bridge, Longgang Heavenly Pit and Dragon Cave except for Stalagmite River.

V. Visitors must not take pets and all kinds of dangerous goods into the scenic spot;

VI. For safety of other tourists and yourself, after entering the scenic spot, please wait in line when taking a bus or boat, have tickets checked and enter the park in order. Do not take position by force when taking a bus or boat, seating capacity exceeding and overloading are forbidden; please comply with reposition and restriction arrangements of the scenic spot as well as management of staff in rush hours;

VII. Please follow visiting order and pass steep and narrow footpaths and gallery road in order; do not cross the tourism path or even stride over guardrail and climb cliffs;

VIII. Please protect ecologic environment of the scenic spot as well as animals and plants in the scenic spot. Smoking is forbidden in non-smoking area;

IX. Please leave any waste in specified trash can and do not litter in the green hills and clear waters.

Instructions for second visit

Longgang Scenic Spot will try implementing the multiple entrance preferential policy for two days from December 12, 2015. In order to enjoy the preferential policy successfully and conveniently, please read following notice carefully:  

I. Tourists needing to enter the spot for two days shall handle ticket and fingerprint binding procedure at the ticket window or ticket check before entering the scenic spot by the first check;

II. Only tourists with tickets bound with fingerprint can enter the scenic spot repeatedly for two days from purchasing the ticket;  

III. Tourists with tickets not bound with fingerprint can only enter the scenic spot once;

IV. Bus ticket is only valid on the current day when tourists have not get out of the scenic spot yet. Boat and ropeway tickets can only be used once; Tourists with tickets bound with fingerprints need to buy tickets again if touring by boat, bus and ropeway on the second day.

V. Tourists handling fingerprint binding procedure and entering scenic spot for sightseeing shall observe the schedule in the scenic spot and obey the management of staff.

VI. Except holidays (New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Tomb-sweeping Day) from November to April, the multiple entrance preferential policy for two days can be implemented at any time; Except holidays (International Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day) and weekends from May to October, the multiple entrance preferential policy for two days can be implemented at any time; In case of any special condition, the scenic spot will make interim adjustment and release notice on site;

VII. When the scenic spot terminates the multiple entrance preferential policy for two days, it will stop entering fingerprint one day in advance. During the termination of multiple entrance preferential policy for two days and on the previous day, the ticket can only be used once.