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Longgang Heavenly Pit will officially carry out the new ticket prices from June 1, 2015: full-price ticket is 120 yuan/person; half-price ticket is 60 yuan/person.

I. Ticket price: ¥120 yuan/person

II. Opening hours:

Ticket time (Summer): 7:30—15:30

Last entry (Summer): 16:00

Ticket Time (Winter): 8:30-14:30

Last entry (Winter): 15:00

Closing time (Summer): 18:30

Closing time (Winter): 17:30

III. Admission by ticket. One ticket for one person only. Admission of tourists with discounted tickets and free admission shall be allowed upon the providence of relevant personal certificates and cooperation with the verification by check-in staff.

IV. Special social groups are subject to preferential policies of ticket reduction and exemption

1.Children below (including) 6 years old or lower than (including) 1.2m enjoy free ticket policy.

2.Juveniles over (excluding) 6 years old and below (including) 18 years old, full-time undergraduate college students and students at lower level with valid certificates as well as the aged over 60 years old and below (excluding) 70 years old with Chongqing Municipal Preferential Card for the Aged or ID card enjoy half ticket policy.

3. Enlisted men, members of a revolutionary martyr's family, disabled revolutionary servicemen, retired army officer, the disabled as well as the aged over (including) 70 years old enjoy free ticket policy with valid certificates.

4. Concessionary price rate implemented in respect of group buying ticket including travel agencies shall not exceed 20% of ticket price.

V. To book tickets, please count your change before leaving.

Collection of online tickets: after successful online payment for the reserved ticket, you can collect the ticket from automatic ticket machines in the scenic spot with ID card and 2D barcode.