Qingshui Tujia Township is the only minority township in Yunyang County. Qingshui got the name as there are three ponds which are clear in all seasons. Qingshui Township is located on the Mountain Qiyao at the juncture of Chongqing and Hubei and in the most southern part of Yunyang County. It’s facing Meikui Township, Fengjie County in the east across the river, borders on Lichuan City, Hubei Province in the south, adjacent to Yaoling Township in the west and connects with Piaochao Town in the north. In Qingshui Township, mountains and rivers are magic and pretty with exquisite scenery. Qingshui is very pretty and charming as embraced by Qiyao mountain range. The Stalagmite River water moistens numeral miracles
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  • Tujia smoked sausage

  • Tujia Bean Jelly

  • Tujia Pickle

  • Tujia fried potato chips