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Tujia wome wear collarless clothes (a kind of Chinese-style garment which buttons down the front or on the right) which buttons down on the left. From collar to lower hem to dress foot, there is 1.5-cun lace. There is a big and two small laces at the sleeve. The big lace is 1.5-cun wide and small lace is as wide as finger. The sleeve is about 12 cun. The lace width is the same as the sleeve. The pants are about 15 cun. In addition, there is apron before chest which is called “mother apron”. The upper part of apron is half round and the lower part is triangular. From upper half round to lower corner, there is a circle of lace of about 1 cun. There is flower of about 5 cun on the apron. The shroud ring is flower belt made by colorful silk yarn of 20 cun, with un-woven flower of 3 cun at two ends. It shows the ingenuity of Tujia women. 

Tujia people pay less attention to clothes for children but focus on shoes and caps. Generally, children wear cathead tail cap with the 13 images of Bodhisatttva made of gold and silver,  Avalokitesavara image in the middle, eighteen arhats at both sides in the forehead of cap. There is silver hook from two sides of tiger cap to two cheeks for fastening the cap. There is tiger ear made by white rabbit hair at both sides of cap top. Silver bells are hanging. Tiger cap is made by bright red satin, with a “king” character in the front edge, two dragons robbing treasures at back, gold lock and silver plate before the chest, with “blessing, longevity, happiness”, and metal chain and silver beam at rear part of cap. Children’s shoes are tiger shoes made by red satin with tip turned back, rabbit hair inserting in two ears, with “king” in the front and flower embroidering at both sides. Tujia Nationality worships tiger. Children wear tiger cap and tiger shoes to prevent against evil, so that children can be lively, naïve and clever.