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  • Liangjiang Holiday Hotel
    Yunyang Liangjiang Holiday Inn is located in Chongqing Yunyang County Binjiang Park, adjacent to the memorial Temple of 4A grade scenic area, 3 km away from the quay......
  • Sanxiafeng Hotel
    Yunyang Sanxiafeng Hotel, at the prime location (Qinglong Road) for political, economic and cultural exchanges, is the reception center of Yunyang County Committee and County Government and has the scenic spot for decorative embellishments of writing known at home and abroad
  • Yunchun Century Hotel
    Yunchun Century Hotel is a hotel designed and built according to national four-star hotel standard, integrating tour and sightseeing, business negotiations, leisure and recreation and large meetings.
  • Lai Walnut Cake

    Its old name was Laitou Shortbread. As the famous traditional cake of Chongqing, Lai Walnut Cake was created in 1920s.
  • Yunyang Cake with Peach Slice

    Yunyang Cake with Peach Slice is well-known all over the country and it is made through dozens of processes. It is said that these processes first came from Zhejiang.
  • Yunyang Tung Oil

    Yunyang County is endowed with excellent traditional climatic conditions for tung trees. It belongs to mid-subtropical humid monsoon climate. It has a moderate climate, suitable light intensity, abundant rainfall.
  • Yunyang Blood Orange

    Yunyang Blood Orange is a variety with red pulp among the navel oranges. Its fruit is round and the average fruit weight is 150-250g. It has smooth fruit surface and it is dark orange. The fruit skin is thin. It has 11-12 cystigenic valves, an edible rate of 75%.
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