• Legend has it that immortal Zhang Guolao invited other seven great immortals to taste his immortal fairy wine at night of Mid-Autumn Festival and recite poems under moonlight, which looked like grand occasion of Wang Xizhi Orchid Pavilion. After drinking wine for several rounds, no moonlight was seen, other immortals made fun of Zhang by wine. Zhang Guolao was angry and flied to the sky for seeking the moon. Finally, Zhang Guolao came to Longgang, and found that the moon was embedded in the cave. He tried his fairy method to push the moon back to the sky. Unexpectedly, Zhang Guolao overexerted force, and stamped out a deep pit in the cave and left his footprint of straw sandals.
  • There is a Dragon Cave known far and wide in Qingshui, Yunyang. As for the Dragon Cave, people in several hundred li know a very touching legend. Originally, the Dragon Cave was dozens of li long, which was for Dragon Family. As Mountain Qiyao was submerged by the sea for three times, and broke the surface of water in the fourth time, the Dragon King led the family to live in the East Sea. However, the Dragon King was loath to leave here and usually miss kind people. As a result, the Dragon King assigned his beloved youngest daughter-Dragon Lady to leave in the Dragon Cave to do a bit of good things for the people. When the Dragon Lady came to the Dragon Cave, she sent a dream to her female.
  • During those years of the Republic of China, a greedy rich man usually embezzled part of salary for worker. One day, some workers made fun of him saying: “my lord, if you can stand erectly on the eagle beak rock, we send the salary of three years to you”. The rich man was blinded by lust for gain, and took it seriously. He twisted the cable and climbed up the eagle beak rock on the jib but he was unable to stand erectly and just lied there with cold sweat dripping from body like rain and asked for “help”! Finally, people took him home. He lied in the bed and recalled the terrible experience; he was sick and died in three days. Now, to try one’s courage, people will try to climb up to the rock waist and some even climb up the rock top, two hands grasp the stone.