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Chongqing · Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot


The Longgang Scenic Spot is located in Qingshui Tujia Township, Yunyang County and has a total area of 17.22 square kilometers. Characterized by karst heavenly pit and embellished by Cloudy Lounge Bridge, Stalagmite River and Daan Cave, it is a comprehensive scenic spot that combines biological sceneries of meadow and human landscape of the Tujia people.


The scenic spot has peculiar landform, dense karst caves, various shaped peaks and rocks and towered stalagmites. It is so magnificent, dangerous, pretty, oddly-shaped, colorful and changeable so it is regarded as a museum of natural science and a showplace of geological landscape. Its main scenic spots are Longgang Heavenly Pit, Cloudy Lounge Bridge, Stalagmite River, karst caves (Dragon Cave, Daan Cave and Moon Cave), human ancient site Old Stockaded Village, water glass plank and cliff glass plank, etc. It is a fantastic tourism attraction that is famous for its magnificent, remarkable, dangerous, pretty, quiet and beautiful features.


1. Longgang Heavenly Pit: The Longgang Heavenly Pit is an oval heavenly pit with long axis of 304~326m, short axis of 178~183m and depth of 335m, and its depth ranks the third in China and the fifth in the world. The inner wall is steep; pine and cypress is lying in the parietal suture, ancient cirrus is hanging down, the bottom is always with green plants in all seasons, and hundred birds contend in singing. As it looks like a natural stone vat and there is love legend between woodsman and dragon lady, it’s called Longgang as well as “First Heavenly Pit in the World”.


2. Cloudy Lounge Bridge: On the cliff of over1,010.5mhigh in the Longgang Scenic Spot, a sightseeing lounge bridge with an overhang of over26.68mis built—Cloudy Lounge Bridge. The vertical height of the cliff exceeds700m. With the conception of petal shape named “Flower of Sky”, it likes a petal flying in the air. It reflects a spirit of freedom and exploration. The lounge bridge deck is made of three layers of high strength glass. Visitors standing in the lounge bridge might experience the feeling like walking in the space. The scenery can be seen from 720 degrees. It is really thrilling. The Cloudy Lounge Bridge is the world’s first overhang glass bridge (21m extruded from the palisades to outside), exceeding that of the Grand Canyon Colorado of US. It is a mark and nameplate of the scenery and an important culture building element of an AAAAA scenic spot.


3. Dragon Cave: The Dragon Cave is 40m high and has an area of 4,800m2. Inside the cave are vivid articles of daily use that were used by the Dragon King as the legend goes such as bed and chairs. Also, there are fantastic images like swimming dragon, lion, elephant, dragon, phoenix, etc. all of which are expressed in thousands of postures.


4. Old Stockaded Village: Before the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Old Stockaded Village had been occupied by aboriginal people and it has been the hereditary territory of Cong people. It was the place where people worshiped and sacrificed the goddess and then they built the Dragon Pillar, namely the Source of Life. As it was built a very long time ago, it is always named Old Stockaded Village. There are scenic spots like “Water of Life”, Dragon Pillar”, “White Dragon Cave”, etc. Besides, we also can appreciate natural sceneries including “Hawk Spreading Wings”, “Magic Mist in Long Gorge”, “Golden Body of Buddha”, “Qiyao Sunrise”, “Sunset Melting”, “Golden Money Playing in the Forest”, “Gorge Water Backflowing”, “White Rock Suspension Cave”, etc.


5. Daan Cave: It’s totally 3,000m long. There are caves in the cave. Nine caves are connected. There are wonderful sceneries in the cave like “Hanging Golden Monkey”, “Welcoming Column”, “Key Stand”, “Golden-Silver Waterfall”, “Sand Beach”, “Stalagmite Exhibition”, “Racecourse”, “Art Gallery”, “Sea Lion Shrine”, etc.


6. Eagle Beak Stone: The Eagle Beak Stone was originally an extraneous stone on the top of Longgang and became a holly eagle after aeon of cultivation by sun and moon, which is mainly responsible for guarding Longgang. The stone now we see is the beak of dragon eagle, and it’s called Eagle Beak Stone.


7. Plank Road on Cliff: The Plank Road on Cliff is built on the nearly 1,000m high cliff. It is 3.2km long and 2.2m extruded outside. A over 300m long section is a glass plank road that hangs in the air.


8. Stalagmite River: The 12.5km long river is a karst landform gorge scenery. Both banks are steep, karst caves are densely distributed, stalagmite is skyscraping, which magically build various figures like Flying Apsaras, village girl, Buddha, etc. The river water is clear and bright, and abounds in tortoise, and soft-shelled turtle dotted with waterfall or spring.